nbgitpuller can work on any computer, but it is most-commonly used with a JupyterHub. By installing nbgitpuller in the user environment for your hub, it means that all users will be able to click nbgitpuller links to get the content.

To set up a JupyterHub

If you do not have a JupyterHub, we recommend trying out The Littlest JupyterHub to set one up. It comes built in with nbgitpuller.

For more information about JupyterHub, see the JupyterHub Documentation.

You can install nbgitpuller from PyPI with pip:

pip install nbgitpuller


If you use multiple environments in your JupyterHub, make sure you install nbgitpuller in the environment that the jupyter notebook or jupyter server process is running from. You can validate this by running jupyter serverextension list - it should have an entry that says nbgitpuller enabled.